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Wisdom from the Billion Dollar Mastermind

| November 10, 2015 | 0 Comments


What do you get when you have the #1 earner in Juice Plus, #3 earner in Isagenix, #2 earner in Stream, Top 10 in Nerium, Chairman’s Club in Herbalife, Plus MLM Legend Larry Thompson and 25 amazing attendee’s in one room…The Billion Dollar Mastermind!

We had 2 full days of incredible training from Larry Thompson. This is the same ideas, philosophies, and proven strategies that catapulted the Network Marketing Industry into a multi-multi-billion dollar power house. Plus the Billion Dollar Mastermind Sessions from some of the all-time top earners – WOW!


Mind blown! Major revelation! Thank you Larry Thompson, Kyle Wilson, Jay Bennett, Jeff Roberti, Joseph Nguyen and all of the amazing people in the room. Someone once told me if you became a network marketer you would lose all of your friends. Not only am I closer with the friends, but I have upgraded my friends I had who I am now in business with, but I made friends with people I would never have met AND found that those in the biz are among the most generous, kind, loving people you ever could meet! Kelli Calabrese


This event was so amazing, that I wanted to share a few of the Wisdom Nuggets with you.

Larry Thompson: 

There is a law of diminishing return on knowledge.

You need a strategy to grow leadership, not check. Have a cause and behind the cause, have a daily method of operation.

When people look at an opportunity they ask 3 questions:

          Does it make sense?

          Can I do it?

          Will somebody help me? I will help you! You are destined to make it.

If you want a different scene on your screen of life you need to change it.

You don’t have to think about what you don’t want to think about. Have you ever thought about that? Its Your Choice! 

You can quantify desire and teachability by someone’s willingness to work.

Jim Rohn always told me to “Be available and capable!” 

90% of relationships is overlooking things. What can I appreciate and what can overlook? 

If we know the half dozen things to do (teachable) and a mindset that we want to get better (teachable) then your burning desire determines how much you do.

Speed bumps, chairs or walls. What we say and do creates these 3 things. If we can turn our walls and chairs into speed bumps. And our speed bumps into solutions.

More Nuggets from the Billion Dollar Mastermind Session:

I don’t do a 1000 tasks a handful of times, I do a handful of tasks 1000 times. – Jeff Roberti

Jim Rohn’s The Seed and the Sower is the greatest audio for anyone in our business to listen to. – Jay Bennett

90% of relationships is overlooking things. What can I appreciate and what can I overlook? – Larry Thompson

I had to be teachable! They had to teach me everything, how to walk, how to dress, how to wear my button and talk to people. I had a kid to support, I had to figure out how to put a roof over my head, and put gas in that little Toyota so I could deliver my products. I had to do it, I had no choice. Those activities have made me millions of dollars since. – Tish Rochin 

Instead of retiring from your business – Retire INTO your business! – Jeff Roberti

There is nothing more exciting than getting back into the Production Phase of your business. – Jay Bennett

This was truly a Once-In-A-Lifetime Event and I know you may be kicking yourself, saying “I should have been there!” Well, here’s the cool part…We captured it ALL.

 You can Pre-order the full 2-Day Billion Dollar – Here’s what’s included:

  • Larry Thompson’s Complete 2-Day Millionaire Maker Training Session
  • The Billion Dollar Mastermind Q&A Sessions with Jeff Roberti, Jay Bennett, Jack Silva, Taylor Thompson, Tish Rochin and Cheryl Cortese
  • Plus Larry’s September 2-Day Mastermind, Featuring:
    • Q&A Session with Eric Worre
    • Kyle Wilson’s Marketing Strategies
    • Steve Fisher’s Leadership Training
    • Q&A Sessions with Chris Widener
    • Sean Murphy’s How to use Periscope
    • Ron White’s How to Memorize Names Training
    • And much more!


Click Here to Pre-Order the Full 2-Day Billion Dollar Mastermind with Larry Thompson for the Special low Price of Only $297 (Regularly $997).

The event was one of the All-Time Greatest Events! Make sure and Pre-Order the video recording Today!

Kyle Wilson

Founder Jim Rohn Intl,, and

What People Are Saying

The Golden Rule is and incredible standard in Business. These past 2 days Legends of MLM shared the Platinum Rule… how to take back control of your life, teach others who want to take back their life…and how to build Deep Deep connections that can weather any storm. I can honestly say, we were standing in the presence of GREATNESS…and it was humbling. For sure it is a moment in MLM history not soon to be repeated (If ever).Sean Murphy

Words can’t even describe this experience that just took place for me the last 2 Days !!!! It was the most powerful gathering of people in a Beautiful setting that I’ve ever experienced !!!! Thank you Larry and Kyle and to all of my new friends that have come into my Life !! I already miss all of You !!!!!! This was Life Changing !!!!!!Kimberly Schmidtke

Yet another example of a Kyle Wilson event that in hindsight it’s impossible to fathom having been anywhere else but in that room with Larry Thompson and all the phenomenal people in our industry. To say it was beyond excellence is a major understatement! Truly phenomenal!Ben Steed

What an incredible day. I’m not in the network marketing industry and EVERYTHING Larry Thompson says is Golden to any entrepreneur who wants to be exceptional in their business and leading people. Grateful to be in the presence of so many amazing people.Tony Waring




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