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Tourism plan may spark accommodation boost

| September 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Tourism plan may spark accommodation boost

With his father’s business, Mr Kao says a $500,000 budget for a tourist trip may be enough to get the Chinese back to their feet. He says the idea could even spur people in Western cities to travel.

“It’s a good opportunity for the Chinese. Tourism is not just about tourism. It’s about international development. And people like us, we’ve learned in our studies, that when the people who come to your country think like you, that makes your nation more secure,” he said.

The plan may also spark a boom in accommodation. Last week, the federal government announced the construction of two new mega-flats in Singapore. One will be one of the world’s largest l카지노uxury apartment buildings – more than 12 million square metres of호 게임 mixed-use, and the other six million square metres of multi-residential space, a building that could be built in just two years.

The government says the high-rise development, dubbed “Chin City, Chine City”, will help provide new homes and housing to nearly 1.4 million residents in the booming Singaporean city of 60,000. Mr Kao says the construction of such high-rise projects will generate income for residents and companies.

“Singapore will become a better and fairer place to live,” Mr Kao said.

To meet his dreams, the retired school teacher, who is known to spend more than 50 per cent of his income on the luxury lifestyle, now relies on a modest pension of $20,000. He lives with his sister.

“I am in debt. My parents are taking on a huge loan. I cannot go 전주출장안마to university because of the amount of debt I’m holding. If the Chinese come here, how would we repay this debt?”

In an interview with Reuters this week, Mr Kao described Singapore as a land of promise.

“This is one of my favourite cities and I just want to have a go and see for myself that the life is as good as it could be.”



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