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Spains ball possession something else

| September 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Spains ball possession something else. “But that’s not something that you take the chance. It’공주안마s not for that reason that you can’t just turn the ball over. It’s for that reason that it means you need to be as direct as possible. It’s something you need to focus on. You need to put yourself in the perfect position and take care of the ball.”

That was clearly evident when Van Gaal saw Van Aanholt in the first half. He went down into midfield, tried to get rid of the ball before the defender could cover it and then set the ball straight at Herrera.

It made for a lively moment but the midfielder was quick to dismiss the theory and admitted that when he saw Herrera was on the run, he started to run too fast but he always had the pace to go with it.

The Spaniard explained that as a defender you need to get through an opponent with quickness. “I’m not saying that the more you’re out there in the box, the more direct you have to be. That has nothing to do with the way you play. We’re not defending a lot but we still need to be direct and direct doesn’t mean you’ve got to be quick. I’ve seen him in training a lot over the last couple of years and he’s got speed. But when he gets out on the pitch, he likes to get on the ball and I think that means he’s got to have a lot more pace too.”

There were plenty of occasions when the United manager could have easily picked out Herrera’s flaws, his occasional over-central movement and his frequent tendency to put himself behind the ball.

In a way, the first half demonstrated that the Dutchman was far from being content to just rely on the central midfield partnerships Van Gaal created in both his teams. He needs someone capable of making the vital contribution to the attack who can also make the important contribution to the defence. “I’m not sure how many times that we’ve got to make sure we have enough midfielders, or one of them should come on to the left flank and do the passing and the running for us because the넷마블 포커y’re playing. Then again, sometimes we need at least one or two strikers, they provide something but if you have a lot of strikers, and they’re not good enough we’ve got to give them things.”

Asked how his team would fare in a game against Everton, United’s former captain and a player he said is still the best in the world, Van Gaal모나코 카지노 sai



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