Need a Proven Sales System to Consistently and Effortlessly Make Sale After Sale?


Question: Why waste time trying to re-invent “the wheel” when Eric Lofholm has already done the hard work?

We’ve all heard the stats that 80% of the sales are made by 20% of the sales people. 

Here’s the problem for the 80%: They don’t know what the 20% are doing differently. 

The TRUTH?: The top 20% are using a system while the 80% are not.

Bottom line, if you’re not using a sales system, you’re wasting time, energy AND missing out on sales that put additional $$ in your pocket.

Enter Eric Lofholm and his 17-part Sales & Prospecting Persuasion & Influence Program!

Eric walks you step-by-step through the process he uses to consistently and effortlessly make sale after sale. This system has been shared with thousands of people all over the world to help them become more persuasive and produce better results. This program will help you to generate more leads, set more appointments, effortlessly handle any objection with confidence and ease, and improve your time management and goal setting skills.

You will learn:

  • Part 1: Welcome, Introduction and Eric’s #1 Most Valuable Distinction
  • Part 2: The Mindset of an Influence Master
  • Part 3: The Importance of Sales Scripting
  • Part 4: The Process of Influence Eric Uses Everyday in his Business – The Sales Mountain
  • Part 5: How to Generate Unlimited Leads
  • Part 6: How to Get Unlimited Referrals
  • Part 7: How to Set Unlimited Appointments
  • Part 8: Powerful Proven Principles on How to Build Trust and Rapport
  • Part 9: How to Identify Customer Needs
  • Part 10: Sharing the Benefits – People Buy Benefits
  • Part 11: The Close
  • Part 12: Mastering Objection Handling
  • Part 13: How to Follow Up – Good Ideas that Make Money
  • Part 14: How to Break Out of a Sales Slump
  • Part 15: How to Expand Your Comfort Zone
  • Part 16: Bonus – How to Master the Art of Goal Setting (10-Step Goal Setting Process)
  • Part 17: Action – The #1 Key Ingredient to All Success


Are you ready to dramatically increase your results now? 

Are you ready for a sales breakthrough? 


Eric’s program helps you to generate more leads, set more appointments, and effortlessly handle any objection with confidence and ease. 

Access today and let Master Sales Trainer, Eric Lofholm, teach you what to do”, for your breakthrough!


Eric Lolfholm’s 17-part Sales & Prospecting Persuasion & Influence Program

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