Ron White Brain Athlete Package!

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! Learn the memory secrets of 2 Time USA Memory Champion Ron White!

This is Ron’s core program that gives you all the fundamentals you need to build a powerful memory with 6 downloadable CDs, a downloadable memory DVD and the most powerful memory book ever written!


Memory in a Month is the core to all 3 packages.This program is 6 downloadable CDs and you work through it 10 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days. You will learn all the basic skills needed to catapult your memory to the next level – names, numbers, memorize chapters of books, foreign languages, give speeches without notes, math formulas, study for tests and much more!

Advanced Training – How to Memorize Names, Numbers, Speeches, Playing Cards and Everything Else

These 2 videos and workbook docs take you from the basics of memory training to the most advanced techniques. Names, numbers, chapters of books, playing cards, lists of words, concepts, foreign languages, math formulas and more!

Ron’s 30 Day Plan To a Great Memory!

Day 01 – History of memory Training
Day 02 – Basic association and uses
Day 03 – Chain association uses
Day 04 – Intro to Roman ‘Loci
Day 05 – Create mental file
Day 06 – Learn foreign languages
Day 07 – Memorize books
Day 08 – Abstracts, math formulas
Day 09 – Create 20 more files
Day 10 – Memorize a 20 line poem
Day 11 – Speeches without notes
Day 12 – Abstract data
Day 13 – More speeches
Day 14 – More practice languages
Day 15 – Advanced techniques
Day 16 – Learn to hear a 20 digit # once and retain it
Day 17 – More training in number
Day 18 – How to recall names and faces
Day 19 – How to recall names and faces
Day 20 – How to recall names and faces
Day 21 – How to recall names and faces
Day 22 – Learn to recall appointments and dates
Day 23 – Memory graph for locations or maps
Day 24 – Fun memory games
Day 25 – Use file to recall 20 random words
Day 26 – Directions, numbers, names
Day 27 – Build and review 65 mental files
Day 28 – 26 new files to store data
Day 29 – Memorize preamble to Constitution
Day 30 – Summarize and prepare for future!


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Speed Reading by Ron White $79 FREE!! (download)


The statistics speak for themselves. The average CEO in America reads 4-5 books per month and the average American reads 1 book per year! That is an extremely amazing and true statistic. Question: Did the CEO develop his habit of reading while he was a CEO or is it a life-long habit that he or she had nurtured long before?

4 CD audio download/Workbook Program

The faster a person reads, the more books they will read and eventually the more money they will make over the course of their lives. This is what the statistics tell us. Therefore, I want to encourage you not only to nurture your desire to read, but also your desire to read faster.

Speed Reading is an extremely comprehensive program and covers everything from the very basics of speed reading to building your vocabulary and remembering what you read. The goal is not to simply read faster, the goal is to read faster coupled with retaining what you are reading.

This will be a program you will want to go back and review for the maximum benefit. You most certainly will want to practice your speed reading skills as often as possible to keep your reading speed at its maximum.

I look forward to working with you as you learn this new skill and embark on the exciting adventure of knowledge.


Total Value $297

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