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Problem – Solved!

| October 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

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Problem - SolvedSales, a profession without limit, except that which is inside of you. To be a great salesperson, you need to be a great personal evaluator. You must find your problems and solve them.

Do you fear rejection? If you answered yes then it begs the question, can you get past it? Sure you can! Everyone can get over the fear of rejection when they quit looking at the no’s in life as personal rejection. That’s the key word, “personal.” The prospect may reject the product, but that is not a rejection of you, unless, you have not studied and perfected your skills. Do you care about the product and the client or are you just looking to make a buck? The customer will see through that and reject you. There is no fear of personal rejection when you have the skills you need because you will realize they aren’t rejecting you.

A prospect may prejudge you based on many factors. But they aren’t personal. They are factors that can be changed. Wear the best clothes, speak humbly but with conviction, and be sure you’re always clean! Know what your product can do for the client. Help the customer see what value the product brings to them. When you can help them solve a problem, they will buy from you.

When you solve your personal problems, you are better equipped to help customers solve theirs.



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