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Lessons From Social Media

Social Media is the new buzz word in today’s world. It’s reached critical mass and affects both our business and personal lives. What have you learned, what insights have you gained, what’s your most effective strategies? Share your insights, tips, strategies and stories with the world!

Lessons From Results Coaching

What are some of greatest lessons you’ve learned related to not just making a living but also creating a life? These can be lessons, tips, strategies and your own personal experiences. Tell us how you have failed, overcome obstacles or learned valuable lessons, possibly the hard way. What and who has inspired you? Maybe it’s a story of persistence, faith or mentorship that you’ve learned., or how your success hs allowed you to impact others in a positive way.

Lessons From Selling

Selling can be a tough but ultimately rewarding profession. What insights have you gained since first starting in this profession? Who are the mentors you look to for inspiration? What are your best strategies, tips and insights that have made the biggest difference in your sales results? Share your inspiring story of perseverance, humor and quotes with the world!

Lessons From Motivation

We’ve all heard the adage: Leaders are made, not born. We’ll share our favorite Motivation quotes, tips and strategies to help you build yours and your teams leadership skills.

Lessons From Sports

Life lessons abound whether you’re participating in sports or watching them. What’s are some of the most profound lesson you’ve learned through sports? What was the most effective strategy you’ve applied in life or business as a result of a lessons you learned through sports? Share your most inspiring or funny stories, strategy, tip or quote and impact the world for better.