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In other words, the character is entertaining but

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He never seemed to want people to realize that he was a highly skilled, high priced actor who could really act. His profession earned him at least $10 million. In 1939 he was the nation’s highest paid wage earner at $482,819. Now is a great time to see what the Museum Store has to offer. It is jam packed with gift ideas, and shoppers can expect to see brand new merchandise along with the favorites they know and love. Mills says that store purchases are “gifts you feel good about giving because it helps the museum and it’s something people will truly enjoy.” There is literally something to satisfy every age and every person on the list..

In the past a lot of emphasis was placed on keywords and keyword density. Many experts suggested that your main keyword should occur at a density of as much as 4% (or four times in every hundred words). This used to be true, as search engine algorithms where not as sophisticated as they are today.

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