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Encouragement for the Sales Professional

In this powerful ebook, long time Zig Ziglar associate and Vice President of Sales and Training for Ziglar Inc gives his 30 years of insight into the art of selling.

Selling is a great profession–however, it is a challenging one. Just think about it: if selling were easy, sales managers would still be doing it! Bryan Flanagan believes in the sales profession and he respects salespeople. It is an honorable way to make a living.

In this fast-paced and fun e-book, Bryan focuses on handling the emotional demands of selling.

Topics that will have a positive impact on your sales success:

  1. Your Closing Attitude is More Important than Your Closing Skill
  2. Look Behind the Milk!
  3. Succeed with E’s
  4. There is No “I” in Team – But There is in Win
  5. Never Leave Home Without It
  6. Avoid America’s Favorite Pastime
  7. Sales Slumps
  8. The Lighter Side of Selling