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Bali prisoners rioting after death of alleged Bali Nine ringleader killed in jail escape

| September 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Bali prisoners rioting after death of alleged Bali Nine ringleader killed in jail escape. (Photo : AFP)

A Bali Nine “execution” plot by senior Indonesian security officials to murde영양출장안마r Indonesia’s prime minister and install a political dynasty as “a counter-force to Islamic State,” police said, according to the country’s national broadcaster, NTV.

The Jakarta governor on Wednesday vowed to investigate the alleged plot to poison Joko Widodo, a political opponent of Widodo, the current president.

“I will find the ones who did this,” Widodo told reporters. “It was the execution of the Prime Minister and my colleague, the Chief of Police, and they should be punished for the action that they’ve taken.”

Widodo’s announcement came after an alleged plot to poison the president, who is seeking re-election on Monday, was discovered late Wednesday.

“There were a number of plans,” Jakarta police chief Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said at a press conference. “The two people who plotted the plots were the head of the security forces and the head of the intelligence service. There are a lot of people behind them that were involved.”

“So it was a political plan, a plot,” he said, adding that the two would remain in prison until they were either executed or they received compensation for their services.

According to the police chief, the suspe구리출장샵cted plot to poison Widodo was a part of the broader threat of a terrorist plot to assassinate the new president.

The police chief also said the two men were not involved in a plot that was actually planned to assassinate the prime minister, but that it had been a “lose-lose situation” for them.

But the director of the Anti-Corruption Authority, Jameel Jema, who is involved in investigating the alleged plot to poison Widodo, told NTV that there was a plot.

“I believe we’ve found evidence against both [Widodo and Jema], but what I want to point out is that we are still looking for additional individuals involved,” Jema said.

The alleged plot to poison Widodo, as per NTV. Police chief believes they had “a plot” against Widodo. — NTV TASS (@NTVTASS) June 26, 2016

Jema said the arrested men, one of whom was allegedly a former security minister, had discussed the plan to po경주출장안마ison Widodo and his deputy,



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